• Beautiful landscape. Exit of Antigua Guatemala.

  • "If you travel to la Antigua you must photograph you in El Arco..."

  • Fuego volcano seen from top of Acatenango volcano.

  • Colored hand-made souvenirs.

  • Night life in la Antigua is a must.

About us

The Latin American Symposium on High Energy Physics (SILAFAE) is one of the most important and traditional events on High Energy Physics in Latin America. Bringing together theorists and experimentalists to present the state-of-the-art of many different topics, it provides a major forum for the discussion of the latest developments in the field. Official SILAFAE site.


It will be held in the city of Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, in November 14-18th 2016. The program contains plenary talks aimed at reviewing the status of the recent advances in frontier topics in High Energy Physics, both theoretical and experimental. It also includes specialized talks sessions of specialized talks. MCTP-SILAFAE site.


  • Edgar Cifuentes (USAC)
  • Juan Ponciano (USAC)
  • Fernando Quevedo (ICTP)
  • Elí Santos (MCTP)
  • Arnulfo Zepeda (MCTP)
  • Marleigh Sheaff (Wisconsin/Fermilab)
  • Enrique Pazos (USAC)

Registration Form

Resgistration is now closed .

** Deadline: October 9th. **

Registration fee
All USD 150
Students USD 50


Send us an e-mail to: silafae at ecfm.usac.edu.gt

Fields to cover

The meeting is expected to cover the following fields:

  • Nonperturbative QCD
  • Perturbative QCD
  • Dark Matter
  • Quantum Gravity, QFT, String Theory
  • Cosmology
  • Astroparticle physics
  • Neutrino physics
  • Physics Beyond the SM
  • ATLAS experiments results
  • QCD results
  • Astroparticle experiments
  • Neutrinos
  • Dark Matter
  • Higgs physics
  • Cosmology results
  • Cosmic rays

Plenary Speakers

Invited plenary speakers include:

  • - Horatiu Nastase (IFT/ICTP-SAIFR)- The Heisenberg Model for high energy nucleon-nucleon scattering and AdS/CFT [pdf]
  • - Paolo Creminelli (ICTP) - EFT in Cosmology [pdf]
  • - Marcela Carena (Fermilab) - Higgs Physics and Supersymmetry [pdf] (External link)
  • - Nathan Berkovits (IFT/ICTP-SAIFR)- Twistors and the Superstring [pdf] (External link)
  • - Fernando Quevedo (ICTP) - String Theory [pdf]
  • - Bhaskar Dutta (Texas A&M U.) - Dark Matter [pdf]
  • - Eduardo Pontón (ICTP-SAIFR) - Higgs Physics [pdf]
  • - Fernando Febres-Cordero (U. Freiburg) - Physics at Hadron Colliders [pdf]
  • - André de Gouvea (Northwestern U.)- Next generation neutrino experiments [pdf]
  • - Mark Thomson (U. of Cambridge) - DUNE [pptx] (External link)
  • - Adlene Hicheur (LHCb Collaboration) - Physics at LHCb [pdf] [Declaration]
  • - Rogerio Rosenfeld - Dark Energy Survey [pdf]
  • - Riccardo Sturani (IFT/ICTP-SAIFR) - Gravitational Cosmology [pdf]
  • - Javier Llorente (ATLAS Collaboration) - QCD Measurements in ATLAS[pdf]
  • - Oscar González López (CIETMAT, Spain) -CMS results of the Higgs Physics. [pdf]
  • - Francisco Xavier Yumiceva Del Pozo (Florida Inst. of Tech.) -CMS results on BSM searches. [pdf]
  • - Sudhir Malik (Univ. of Puerto Rico) - CMS results on SUSY. [pdf]
  • - John Ellis (King's College London) Summary of the conference


Specialized talks Sessions & Poster Presentation

Sessions of specialized talks (20 min) and a poster session is also included in the scientific program. The list of confirmed talks is given below.

Title Name Institution
Mo1 Suppressed $B \to PV$ CP asymmetry: CPT constraint Josué Molina Zamorano
Mo2 Quark and Higgs sector in 7+1 dimensional extended space Ricardo Romero UNAM/UAM-I
Mo3 Pomeron and Odderon Regge trajectories from AdS/QCD models. Eduardo Capossoli IF-UFRJ
Mo4 s – sbar asymmetry in proton using wave functions inspired by light front holography Alfredo Vega Universidad de Valparaiso
Mo5 Photon emission in QGP using AdS/QCD models at finite chemical potential. Miguel Angel Martin Universidad de los Andes
Tue1 The coherent Neutrino-Nucleus interaction Experiment (CONNIE) Stefan Wagner CBPF
Tue2 Astrophysical interpretation of Extraterrestrial neutrino excess measured by ICEcube experiment Antonio Marinelli University of Pisa
Tue3 Recent results of searches for beyond Standard Model physics in ATLAS Leonid Serkin ICTP
Tue4 Redefining the axion window Enrico Nardi Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
Tue5 Phenomenology of scotogenic models Diego Restrepo Universidad de Antioquia
Tue6 Gravitino Phenomenology with the spinor helicity formalism. Bryan Larios BUAP
We1 CMB Power Spectrum in Delta Gravity Carlos Rubio PUC Chile
We2 Electroweak standard model with very special relativity Jorge Alfaro PUC Chile
We3 U(1) model anomaly free for three families Roberto Martinez Universidad Nacional de Colombia
We4 Supersymmetry and extended spin model Gustavo Saldaña UNAM
Th1 Renormalization Group Improvements in (A)dS-Charged Black Holes. Cristopher González PUC Chile
Th2 Generalized Equations and Their Solutions in the (S,0)+(0,S) Representations of the Lorentz Group Valeriy Dvoeglazov Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
Th3 Cusps Anomalous dimension and rotating open strings in ADS/CFT Antonio García Zenteno ICN-UNAM
Th4 Scalar Field Dark Matter in Clusters of Galaxies Tula Bernal UNAM
Th5 Asymmetry sharing between baryon and dark matter Chee Sheng Fong Universidade de Sao Paulo
Th6 Doublet triplet fermion dark matter with neutrino masses Robinson Longas Universidad de Antioquia
Fr1 Strongly Coannihilating Dark Matter at the LHC Maikel De Vries JGU Mainz
Fr2 Naturalness of the MSSM Dark Matter Maria Eugenia Cabrera Universidade de Sao Paulo
Fr3 Flavor-changing mediated by scalar at loop-level Javier Orduz-Ducuara UNAM
Fr4 Higgs to gamma gamma decay with 12.9 fb-1 of 13 TeV data Manuel Olmedo Negrete UC Riverside
Fr5 Increase of the Energy Necessary to Probe Ultraviolet Theories Due to the Presence of a Strong Magnetic Field Rodolfo Martínez UNAM


The event will be held in Hotel Camino Real, Antigua Guatemala. It is marked in the map with a star.

We have marked some hotels, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. We give you a list of the names and prices:

HOTELS (marked with the pins)

  • Hotel The Westin Camino Real. A single room 112 USD, per night. Website.
  • Hotel Porta Antigua. Single room 185 SD per night. Website.
  • Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, 147 USD single room, per night. Website
  • Hotel Casa Antigua. Single room 80 USD per night. Casa Antigua website.
  • Hotel Las Farolas. Single room 69 USD per night. Website.
  • Hotel Posada San Pedro. Double rooms 50 USD per night.Posada San Pedro website.
  • Hotel Posada San Vicente. Double rooms 50 USD per night.Website.
  • Hotel Posada Don Valentino. Single room 30 USD per night.Website.

  • RESTAURANTS, COFEE SHOPS & BARS (marked with the diamonds)
    • El Viejo Café. Restaurant.
    • Luna de Miel. Restaurant.
    • La fonda de la Calle Real. Restaurant.

    • travel information

      La Antigua Guatemala was founded on March 10, 1543. It is surrounded by Fuego, Agua and Acatenango volcanoes. The city was laid out in a square pattern, with streets running north to south and from east to west, and in its center the Central Park (Parque Central).

      Designated, in 1944, as National monument and, in 1979, as World Heritage Site by UNESCO La Antigua Guatemala is one of the most important touristic centers of Guatemala. Not just for its cultural heritage, but also for the work of its artisans, the extensive sample of baroque architecture and the natural attractions.

      For more information visit INGUAT official web site or watch "36 Hours in Antigua, Guatemala" taken from The New York Times.

      International Scientific Committee


      • Tere Dova (UNLP)
      • Daniel de Florián (UBA)
      • Esteban Roulet (Bariloche)


      • Jorge Alfaro (PUC)
      • Marco A. Diaz (PUC)
      • Claudio Dib (UTFSM)


      • Edgar Carrera (USFQ)


      • Juan Carlos D’Olivo (ICN-UNAM)
      • Gerardo Herrera (Cinvestav)
      • Luis M. Villaseñor (UMSNH)


      • John Swain (NEU)


      • Nicolas Martinic (ULP)


      • Marta Losada (UAN)
      • Roberto Martínez (UNAL)
      • William Ponce (U. Antioquia)


      • Edgar Cifuentes (USAC)
      • Juan Ponciano (USAC)


      • Orlando Pereyra (UNI)
      • Joel Jones (PUCP)
      • Alberto Gago (PUCP)


      • Marleigh Sheaff (Wisconsin/ Fermilab)


      • João dos Anjos (CBPF)
      • Beatriz Gay Ducati (UFRGS)
      • Rogerio Rosenfeld (IFT-UNESP)


      • Angelina Díaz (AENTA)


      • Enrico Nardi (LNF)


      • Ángel López (UPR/Mayagüez)


      • Ana María Font (UCV)
      • Alejandra Melfo (ULA)


      • Gabriel González (URU)
      • Ramón Mendez Galain (URU)